by mhcrawford

Water is abundant on our planet, water is everywhere. We rely on water, as do about 9 million other species on earth. It surrounds us, but most of us never take the time to ask “what is water?” and realize how absolutely amazing it is. The percentage of the earth’s surface covered by water is 71%, nearly 3/4 of our earth. A great example of bonds is water. It’s a polar molecule. Hydrogen is attracted to oxygen, and that is called a hydrogen bond. Water is pretty simple, it heats up, it cools down, but how?
It freezes at 0 degrees Celsius, and melts at 100 degrees Celsius, which is amazing in terms of accuracy to  being rounded off to an integer.
Water is very aggressive about keeping heat. It’s also aggressive about losing bits, thus the extreme freezing and melting temperatures, which are fairly high for a liquid.
In a way, water is extremely magnetic. It connects to itself and other items, which is otherwise known as cohesion and adhesion.
There you go, water in a nutshell!