Membrane Structure Tutorials Notes and Questions

by mhcrawford

Membrane Structure Tutorials

1. Go to and read the tutorial on the many types of molecules that come together to make a cell membrane.

Take notes as you carefully read the web page and watch the animations.  This will be in place of a lecture on this topic so make sure you read all sections and watch all the animations provided until you understand the material.

  • Cell=Made of 2 environments, hydrophilic aqueous cytoplasm, hydrophobic lipid membranes.
  • 3 members of fat involved, fat, phospholipids, and steroids.
  • Lipids hydrophobic because of cell structure.
  • Lipids protect.
  • Membranes=Asymmetric.
  • Proteins embed in fluid matrix.
  • Semi-permeable membrane.
  • Unique and various collections of proteins.

2. Go to
Read through the tutorial on membrane structure to see how the variety of molecules fit together in the fluid mosaic model. As quizzes appear during this tutorial, type in the questions they ask and the correct answer that you chose.

Quiz Questions and Answers: